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School News


School News

  • 11 November – excursion to Chail
    Travel expands your horizon and school life cannot be explored without the fun of educational tours and excursions.
    Keeping this in mind Sanskar World School organized an excursion trip to Himachal Pradesh. Students from IX to XII accompanied by teachers explored the flora and fauna on 3 days and 2 nights educational trip to Chail on 11th November 2019.
    A host of activities were undertaken by instructors of adventure step up a company that helped our students to broaden their outlook, use various equipment during tracking, how to overcome your fear and react at times of danger, etc. Activities such as Zip-line, Rappelling Rope obstacles, Treasure hunt, Brain games and above all the campfire was educational, adventurous and thrill all the way. Our children also experienced a peaceful life without gadgets and shared multicultural values as they interacted with the local dwellers.
  • 18-22 November - Fitness week
    Numerous studies have shown that healthier students tend to do better in school as they have higher attendance and are able to concentrate better. Studies show that healthy kids get better grades, attend school more often and behave better in class. Hence, making time for physical activity and nutrition in school is not a break from academics; it’s an investment in higher academic performance.
    With an objective to educate children about physical, mental, emotional and social health Sanskar world school started celebrating FITNESS Week from 18th to 22nd November. During the week-long celebrations, children will revisit their lessons on health and hygiene as they learn the importance of healthy habits and physical well-being. Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific healthy and physical habit like Day 1 focused on free hand exercise along with which slides were shown in all the classes from Playgroup to XIIth related to healthy eating and making healthy choices.

    Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well being, the science of youthfulness, the science of integrating body, mind, and soul."
    As the fitness week celebration continues, the day 2nd witnessed yoga sessions for the students from class Playgroup to XIIth and a debate session for class VIth to XIIth focusing on Topic " YOGA vs GYM".
    Debate competition saw young debaters presenting their views in a powerful manner with impeccable clarity. Yoga team was declared as the best speaking team while the best speaker award was won by Tanmay from the GYM team and Tanisha from Yoga team, Joy Aryan and Bhavya of class XII were the special mention winner speakers.

    Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). It is usually performed to music and may be practiced in a group setting led by an instructor.

    The 3rd day of fitness week celebration focused on aerobic exercise with stretching for students from playgroup to XIIth.
    A quiz competition between jal house , prithvi house, agni house and akash house was also organized for students of VIth to XIIth.
    Questions related to various games played all over in our country were asked and students enthusiastically participated in the same. Prithvi house won the competition.

    ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’
    The 4th day witnessed

    poem and essay writing competition for the classes I-V and VI-XII respectively as per the guidelines of the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) taking forward the nation-wide “Fit India Movement”. The school is celebrating “Fitness Week” in which an array of activities is being held in order to enhance the Sports Quotient among the students. The students of classes I- V composed poems and the learners of classes VI-VIII penned down their views on the theme “Health is wealth".
  • 13 November – Happy Gurupurab
    The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour on 13th November, 2019 at Sanskar world school.The children looked very impressive as they were dressed up in kurta- pyjama/ Salwar- suit. Students from playgroup, nursery,prep,Ist,IInd and IIIrd organized a prabhat pheri in the school and kada prasad was distributed among all students.

    The spiritual ambience of the devotional chants was attended by all the children from playgroup to XIIth.
    Our respected Principal Ma’am and Director Ma'am also wished ‘A very happy Gurpurab’ to all of them.
  • 11 November – National Education Day
    #NationalEducationDay | To commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s first Vice President Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the nation celebrates the National Education Day on November 11. Azad advocated for the education of women, universal primary education, and compulsory education for all children upto the age of 14, vocational training and technical education. He firmly believed that primary education should be imparted in the mother-tongue.
  • 1 November – Happy Halloween
    We celebrate all special occasions, festivals and important days; be it Indian or International. Events and Celebrations bring different colors of joy and happiness with them. Our children just don't celebrate, they become part of it.
    Halloween is a fun festival for our children.
    Ancient people believed that ghosts came back to Earth on #Halloween. It is said that spirits of the dead came back to Earth in search of living bodies to repossess the homes where they were alive. The celebration of Halloween is therefore associated with the idea of good fortune.
    To celebrate Halloween, the students from #Playgroup to IInd were busied with activities typical of it, on 1st November 2019. The children came dressed as ghosts, witches, vampires, bats, etc. The day witnessed dance performances by students of Ist & IInd class and fun-filled Halloween gaming activities for playgroup, #nursery, and #prep.
  • 31 OCTOBER – Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
    Rashtriya Ekta Diwas' or 'National Unity Day ' is celebrated every year on 31st October in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who played a great role in unifying the country. National Unity Day was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 with the aim of celebrating this event every year on October 31. Today students of 'Sanskar World School' paid a floral tribute to the iron man of our country. Students of class 5th conducted special assembly consisting of 'Quiz 'and Pledge as per the directives from CBSE. Sardar Patel is credited for convincing different princely states to stand united under the flagship of the Indian Union. His consistent effort in this regard unified the Nation and made it the largest Democratic country of the world. We bow our head in his honor and remember him on his Birth Anniversary.
  • 23 & 24 October – Global Snow Leopard and Eco-system Protection Programme (GSLEP)
    The 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Snow Leopard and Eco-System Protection Programme (GSLEP) held in New Delhi on 23rd and 24th October where environment minister Prakash Javadekar launched the national protocol for snow leopard population assessment in India.
    This is for the first time India has hosted the GSLEP meet, under the aegis of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change(MOEF). As many as 12 range countries, including China, Russia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan participated in the program, aimed at conserving the snow leopard habitat.
    Students & Teachers of 'Sanskar World School' also got this opportunity to be a part of this programme. The programme enhanced the knowledge of students. Now our future generation is ready to protect the habitat of the animal.
  • 24 October – Work shop on “The Art of Being Brilliant”
    An inspirational and educational workshop on “The Art of Being Brilliant” by an international author and doctor of happiness research Andy Cope was organised at DLF School Sahibabad on 24th October 2019 for educators and students.Sanskar World School students were invited as well as to attend this workshop. The session began with learning of how to live everyday brilliantly. Andy Cope, well-known as the UK’s doctor of happiness shared his best learnings with all on how to remain happy and positive.It was a lively and interactive session and children brought back lot of positivity, important tips on living happily and a book on ‘The Art of Being Brilliant ‘signed by the author himself.
  • 24 & 25 October – Diwali Celebration 2019
    #Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in various regions across India.The name '#Deepavli' literally means an array of lights.To make the students understand the importance of Diwali 'Sanskar World School' had a celebration in school on 24th & 25th October .The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness,knowledge over ignorance,good over evil and hope over despair.Children especially are very excited about the festival for the festivities and the traditions attached to it are indulgent. Festivals are not only meant for celebration.They are also an opportunity to educate kids about our culture and tradition along with learning the right way to celebrate Diwali ,many activities were conducted like Diya decoration,Paper candles,Paper ball and Paper cup garland,Crepe paper toran, Kandil making along with '#Rangoli Competition' with various themes like '#Chandrayan 2,Mission Mars,Women Foeticide, Save Earth, Save Water' provide a more creative edge of this fun activity.Special assembly was conducted consisting of Diya dance, Ramayan ki chaupai, Bhajan and Play based on returning of Lord Rama after 14years of exile.The icing on the cake was Ganesh and Laxmi pujan with lightning of diyas by our tiny tots which filled everybody with joy.
    The purpose to organise this celebration was actually to make the students aware of our tradition and culture.Everyone seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss.

    #Diwali Celebration #play group–
    To celebrate the joyous return of #LordRama after the exile of 14 years, Sanskar World School celebrated Diwali with unmatched pomp and show.The four days Diwali celebration concluded with #Rangoli making activity and a mesmerizing dance performance.
    Students from #Playgroup, #Nursery and Prep also portrayed a strong message of greener and cleaner Diwali.
    Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
  • 24 October - Diya Decoration Activity
    Diwali is synonymous with the celebration of life and to continue enjoying this festival, Diya Decoration Activity was conducted for playgroup, nursery and prep on 24th October (Thursday).
  • 23 October – Chocolate Ladoo Making Activity
    The celebration for Diwali week continues with chocolate ladoo making activity organized on 23 October 2019.
  • 22 October – Diwali Activity
    Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Ramachandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.Diwali celebration started early at Sanskar world School with the beginning of a series of activities, starting with Diya craft activity, which was organized on 22 October 2019 for Playgroup, Nursery, and Prep.
  • 16 October – Celebrate World Food Day
    To bring together the important theme of 'Food' and to celebrate world food day, a fun-filled food carnival was organised at Sanskar world School on 16th October 2019. The main objective behind the event was making the children aware of the names of various food items and the cultures they come from. Beautifully showcasing the signature dishes from five major Indian states, the carnival was a huge success.
    The children from playgroup, nursery and prep not only brought the cuisines of different states but also different items reflecting the culture of that particular state. Every student actively participated in the activity and was eager to know more about popular food items in different states. Dressed up in the attire of the state allocated to them along with a welcome note in that very state's language, the little ones relished this flavourful learning experience. #SanskarWorldSchool #WorldFoodDay
  • 14 & 15 October – Inter House Volley-Ball & Badminton Competition
    Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toghness.
    Sports are an integral part of the education in school. Children are taught different games from very early stages to instill values in them. Keeping these things in mind 'Sanskar World School' organised an Inter House Volley-Ball & Badminton Competition on 14th & 15th October. By doing so students learnt hands-on about the need to abide by the rules, fair play, team work and respect for others. It was enthralling to see the spectators encouraging their team. Regardless of win or lose, as an individual or team it was great fun sitting & supporting the favourite team.
  • 12, October- Educational Trip
    An educational trip was organised by our school 'Sanskar World School' on 12/10/19 for students of class 1st to 5th to pay respect to the 'Father of Nation '. All the students took a walk through 'Rajghat' and pay tribute to 'Father of the nation' 'Mahatma Gandhi. The site is left open to the sky while an eternal flame burns as a mark of a pledge by all Indians to the Gandhian principles in life. It is a black marble platform that marks the spot of Mahatma Gandhi's cremation. Students also went to the' Nehru Planetarium and Museum'.Nehru Planetarium is now a wing to the Nehru Memorial Museum and library. Students learned about the solar system in the movie. They also visited the museum where they learned about the lifestyle of Jawaharlal Nehru and to carry out his daily life routine and chores when he resided there. The highlight of the visit was the show which the students watched in the sky theatre. It featured information about planets, constellations and other celestial bodies. It also taught students about telescopes, Scientists have used to view the sky. It was an enthralling visit for the young minds that are always eager to learn about the intriguing mysteries of outer space. Lastly, students visited the India gate &'National War memorial' erected to pay homage to the soldiers who laid their lives. During the war of, 1947,1965,1971 and Kargil conflict of 1999 and India's peacekeeping free operations in Srilanka An eternal flame represents that their sacrifice will always be remembered by the citizens of India. Overall it was an informative and memorable trip for all the students.
  • 12 October – Extra Curricular Activity
    There is much more to education than classrooms and textbooks. #ExtraCurricularActivities offer opportunities for students to express themselves in activities and areas counting on their #interests, #skills, and abilities. It additionally teaches students to work as a “unit” and be team players.At Sanskar World School we make sure that every Saturday, activities are organised to focus on developing various skills in our future leaders. on 12th October activities such as #SpellBee, #atlas, #newspaper, and #StoryReading, fire in the mountain, dog in the bone and other activities were organized to enhance gross motor skills, reading skills and social skills in our students.
  • 11 , October – International Day of the Girl
    "We need to uphold the equal rights, voices and influence of girls
    in our families, commuties and #nations. #Girls can be powerful agents of change and nothing should keep them from participating fully in all areas of life. "
    Since 2012 ,11th october has been mark as the '#InternationalDayoftheGirl'.The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.
    Sanskar World School with great zeal and enthusiasm where children of class 6th to12th participated in a '#DebateCompetition' on '#GenderEquality', '#WomanEmpowerment' and '#Makingroads safe for women's.The participants presented their views giving justification for their statements. Our Pre-Primary wing portrayed a view on saving '#GirlChild' where the tiny-tots marched for a rally. Overall it was a great learning experience.
  • 10, October – Visit to Gurudwara & Temple
    "We may have different religion and different languages but we all belong to one human race “ .
    Raising #children of different religions together, under one roof, make things interesting. It’s a great learning experience for them when they start sharing and exchange each other’s culture. The #students become aware when they are taken to a new #religious place and are shown the different places of worship. Students from Playgroup, nursery and prep visited a #Gurudwara and a #Temple on 10th October 2019. This visit helped them to enhance their observation and #CommunicationSkills. They also realized the significance of religious places in people’s life. The children acquired the knowledge of the different ways in which the particular people greet and wish each other, how they offer their prayers to #God, what they wear, etc.
  • 9, October- IBM for A-1 Training
    Today #computers are used almost everywhere. It improves research #skills. To improve this skill three days training session was organized . Resource person from #IBM in association with #CBSE conducted the training session to train the computer teachers of 'Sanskar World School' to enhance their knowledge for the betterment of the students. On the first day a resource person came from IBM for #AITraining. Real life examples and inreractive discussions brought clarity about the topic like Alexa, Sire etc. After the introductory session Hands On on 'Scratch 3.0 activities related to speech recognition and controlling WiFi was done by all. Teachers were awarded with certificates at the end of the programme.
  • 4, October – Dussehra Celebration
    #Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil. Keeping the festive spirit alive, Dussehra was celebrated on 4th October at Sanskar world school. Tiny tots came dressed up as #Ram, #Sita, #Laxman, #Hanuman, and #Ravana. Students from Class Ist to XII started this day with the #GayatriMantra accompanied by #DurgaStuti, #Yoga and #Dandiya dance. #Playgroup, #Nursery and Prep students crafted a card reflecting the festivity of the season.
    Director ma’am and principal ma’am conveyed their wishes through a speech, inspiring each and every child to follow the path of #truth.
    An effigy of Ravan was built and children from all classes assembled on the ground eagerly.
    To witness Lord Rama's victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil.
  • 3, October – Space Exploration
    #Spaceexploration is a natural extension of human curiosity. People want to know what is outside their world. The #Universe is everything that exists. The #Earth is part of the Universe. So are the Sun, the Moon, and all the planets. Our children from #playgroup, #nursery and #prep had an opportunity to satisfy some of their curiosity as they learned and explored planets, #stars, the #Sun, and our #SolarSystem with space crafts activity organized on 3rd October to celebrate the beginning of space week.
  • 28, September – Visit to Nehru Planetarium
    An educational trip was organised by our school 'Sanskar World School' on 28/9/19 for students of class 6th to12th to pay respect to the #FatherofNation on his birth anniversary & celebrate space week. All the students took a walk through 'Rajghat' and pay tribute to 'Father of the nation' 'Mahatma Gandhi. Site is left open to the sky while an eternal flame burns as a mark of pledge by all Indians to the Gandhiyan principles in life.It is a black marble platform that marks the spot of Mahatma Gandhi's cremation. Students also went to' Nehru Planetarium and Museum'.Nehru Planetarium is now a wing to the Nehru Memorial Museum and library. Students learnt about the solar system through the movie. They also visited the museum where they learnt about the life style of Jawaharlal Nehru and to carry out his daily life routine and chores when he resided there. The highlight of the visit was the show which the students watched in the sky theatre. It featured information about planets, constellations and other celestial bodies. It also taught students about telescopes ,Scientists have used to view the sky. It was an enthralling visit for the young minds that are always eager to learn about the intriguing mysteries of outer space. Lastly students visited India gate &'National War memorial'erected to pay homage to the soldiers who laid their lives. During the war of, 1947,1965,1971 and Kargil conflict of 1999 and India's peace keeping free operations in Srilanka An eternal flame represents that their sacrifice will always be remembered by the citizens of India. Overall it was an informative and memorable trip for all the Students.
  • 1, October – Gandhi Jayanti
    "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history” - Mahatma Gandhi.
    The students of Sanskar World School organised a special assembly to mark the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Little ones came dressed up as Gandhiji to pay tribute to our father of nation. The assembly ended with a pledge to bring Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams to life - to build a unified and peaceful India.
  • 29, September – 'A Healthy Heart keeps you strong'
    World Heart Day is a campaign established to spread awareness about the health of heart among common people all around the world. It is celebrated annually all over the world on 29th of September. Our Future Leaders enjoyed scribbling, tearing , pasting ,cotton, ear bud and balloon dabbing activities while understanding the importance of keeping their heart healthy by making heart promise to eat more healthy and to get more active.
    A simple promise … for their heart, for your heart and for all our hearts.♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • 24, September – Parle Industry Visit- School Activity
    Parle Industry is one of the oldest biscuits brands in India and World. Now a days it is also manufacturing many other products like toffee, snacks, bisleri etc. The students of class 3rd ,4th and 5th of 'Sanskar World School' had a propitious visit to the Parle Factory at Noida .The children were very excited on the bus ride from the school to the factory. On entering the premises students were taken to the auditorium where they enjoyed a documentary related to all the origin of the brand Parle, it's founder and various products manufactured by Parle. Soon after an official took the students to the manufacturing unit where students got to know about various process of 'Toffee Making' like boiling of ingredients, mixing of colour and taste, moulding, temperature fixing for different textures etc. The icing on the cake was, Parle G biscuits and melody toffee were gifted complimentary before they moved out. Overall it was an informative, knowledgeable and memorable trip for students.
  • 23, September – Visit to National Test House I School Activity
    Solving problems out of #textbook is quite different and exciting. In the field of science, practicals are important to understand the subject. So Sanskar World School took an initiative and organized a visit to ‘#NationalTestHouse ‘Ghaziabad for students of class XI and XII #science stream.To have a first hand taste of commercial labs as an interest in practical world can take science students to greater conceptual understanding. There were several labs like civil lab, #chemical lab, #mechanical, #electrical & #microbiology lab. Students got the information of different types of apparatus – #GasChromatography, #spectroscopy, smoke density test apparatus, melt flow index muffle furnace, production of arc etc. The entire #experience was a #positive, productive one. The visit motivated children to look up to science concepts in altogether a different sight.
  • 21, September – A positive Parent Teacher Meeting
    "A Positive Parent Teacher Meeting is good for child's growth". Successful and Interactive P.T.M was conducted in SANSKAR WORLD SCHOOL-Ghaziabad on 21st September 2019 from class Playgroup to XII. The results of the assessments were shared with the parents. They were contented with the satisfactory growth of the child. Feedback shared was also appreciated and duly noted by teachers and parents for collective efforts regarding the holistic development of the students.
    This PTM strengthened the relationship and bonding between School, Students, and Parents. We thank the trust of Parent's connect in SANSKAR WORLD SCHOOL.
  • 19, September – Animal Kingdom Activity
    Humans rely on animals for food, fiber, labor and companionship. Animals have made human life much easier.
    To make each and every child understand the reason of coexistence between animals and humans, an animal yoga session along with collage making activity was organized on 19th September as a part of 3 day “ANIMAL KINGDOM" event.
    Children also enthusiastically participated in SHOW & TELL competition on 18th September where they came dressed up as animals. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
    A Show and Tell activity on 'ANIMAL KINGDOM' was conducted in the school . This activity gave each child a chance to be the centre of attention in the class as he or she spoke few lines about their favourite animal.This positive social interaction also assisted in boosting their self-esteem. The “Show and Tell activity” helped to foster public speaking skills and students felt comfortable while talking in front of their peer group. Through this activity students also learnt to communicate feelings, thoughts and emotions with words.
  • 18, September - Prize Distribution | Sanskrit Diwas & Hindi Diwas
    On Wednesday, 18th Sep 2019, a prize distribution ceremony was held at 'Sanskar World School'.Whereas different types of competition were organised in the school by Rachnasagar Publishers on the occasion of 'Sanskrit Diwas' & 'Hindi Diwas'.Students were felicitated with prizes and certificates. A vote of thanks was given by a student of class 11th.The programme ended with the national anthem.
  • 14, September – Hindi Diwas
    हिंदी दिवस प्रत्येक वर्ष १४ सितम्बर को मनाया जाता है। १४ सितम्बर १९४९ को संविधान सभा ने एक मत से यह निर्णय लिया कि हिन्दी ही भारत की राजभाषा होगी। इसी महत्वपूर्ण निर्णय के महत्व को प्रतिपादित करने तथा हिन्दी को हर क्षेत्र में प्रसारित करने के लिए राष्ट्रभाषा प्रचार समिति, वर्धा के अनुरोध पर वर्ष १९५३ को पूरे भारत में १४ सितम्बर को हिंदी दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता है। हमारे विद्यालय 'संस्कार वर्ल्ड स्कूल' में हिंदी दिवस का आयोजन किया गया। कक्षा १ से लेकर कक्षा १० तक के छा त्रो ने विभिन्न क्रिया कलापो के द्वारा हिन्दी के प्रति अपने रुझान को व्यक्त किया। हिन्दी दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में कई प्रकार के प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन किया गया जिसमे वेशभूषा प्रतियोगिता, देशप्रेम से संबंधित कविता, कला प्रतियोगिता, विज्ञापन लेखन, दोहा गायन प्रतियोगिता आदि शामिल थे। हिन्दी कवि इक़बाल के शब्दो मे' हिंदी है हम वतन है, हिंदुस्तान हमारा' हमें हिंदी भाषा की ओर प्रेरित करता है। भारत जैसे विकासशील देश में जहाँ अंग्रेजी को प्राथमिकता दी जा रही है फिर भी हम अपनी भावनाओ को हिंदी में ही व्यक्त करना ज्यादा पसंद करते है।
  • September - Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
    Festivals build group cohesiveness. Festivals inform, educate, bring people together, break the monotony of routine and give us a chance to reenergize our body, mind and spirit. 'Sanskar' family taking up the role of torch bearers paved the way for an eco friendly way to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Class 11th Science organised special assembly. Traditional dance performance, Ganesh stuti & Ganesh aarti was sung by the students. The day ended with lot of learning in the school premises.
  • September - Salad Making Activity
    Salads form a very important part in our daily diet. To explain the same, a salad making activity was organized for Playgroup; Nursery and Prep kids enjoyed the activity with the help of their teachers today.
    Along with this kids were also introduced with the concept of healthy and unhealthy food, where each child visited the healthy and unhealthy planet and learned about the benefits of eating healthy food .Kids thoroughly enjoyed the activity and learned to change their food preferences to healthy food items.
  • 5, September – Teacher’s Day Event
    A good teacher can inspire ,instill hope, ignite imagination and be still in love for learning .Sanskar World School celebrated "Teachers Day" with great fun and enthusiasm activities were organized for the teachers like Tug of war, Dance challenges, Flip the bottle etc. Ceremony ended with cake cutting which was followed by serving of delicious lunch.
  • 23, August – Janmashtami Celebration
    Sanskar World School was reverberating with cheerful sounds of Bal Gopal busy participating in various events organised on the campus to celebrate Janmashtami festival on Friday 23rd August. Great festivities with a gamut of activities like painting competition, matki decoration, matki phod and races etc were organised to mark the occasion.Class V presented special assembly on the occasion while pre primary wing presented songs, dance and tableau during the day. Enthusiastic participation from all students made the occasion one of the memorable ones.
  • 14, August – Independence day
    Sanskar World School, celebrated independence day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on 14th August 2019.The gamut of celebration activities held in the school campus consisted of special morning assembly by class 11th, a speech on importance of the day , group song evoking feeling of patriotism in the audience,& dance performance to add on to the vibrancy of the event. A plantation drive by class 9th to 12th to save the environment followed by Rakhi competition for class 1 to 8, to show bond of love between brother and sister were the highlights of the day. 15th August being Independence Day is very important to all citizens of India when we are reminded of countless sacrifices by various freedom fighters.
  • 12, August – Festival Celebration
    Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture that brings in joy and a sense of wellbeing into people's life.
    To give wings to the imagination of young artists this festive season, budding artists of Sanskar World School were presented with the opportunity to participate in board decoration competition on various themes. Outstanding presentations were put forth by these competitors and were a treat to the eyes and soul of all Sanskarians.
    All four houses participated in the competition with great zest and were appreciated by all who witnessed the event. Kudos to all houses and supervising teachers. Great Job!. #GaneshChaturthi #Rakshabandhan #Janmashtami
  • 9, August – Grand Parent Day
    Grandparents hold a special place in everyone's heart. Many of us still look for their advice when in trouble. Their bedtime stories are an integral part of a child's growing years. In honor of the grandparents, Sanskar World School celebrated the Grandparents day. On the occasion children in their own way thanked grandparents for their love and support. The special day was filled with performances made by the Pre-Primary wing. Children recited rhymes "Dadu finger, Dadi finger, where are you?" They enjoyed thoroughly by watching movie and storytelling. Teachers distributed laddoos to the students which were made by the teacher's themselves. At the end, creative cards were made by the children's of Pre-Primary to class 5th students.

  • 5, August – Teej Festival
    Teej refers to the monsoon festival. This festival celebrates the bounty of nature, arrival of clouds and rain, greenery. The festival includes dancing, singing, getting together with friends, dressing up with henna colored hands and feet. We at the Sanskar World School celebrated Teej with all enthusiasm. Small kids of Pre-Primary & Primary wing had fun while getting henna applied on their hand. It was a great festive atmosphere
  • 21, July – Plantation Drive
    The aim of holistic development is only achievable with the pragmatic approach imparts learning by doing and experiencing things. The primary wing of our school showcase their talent by different activities such as Poster making, Mask making, Skit, Dance, Pledge on save water. The Science Fortnight is a platform for students to present their new ideas and learn from each other and an opportunity to find out original thinkers. The theme was based on saving natural resources like water, animals, plants etc. Plantation drive also took place in which students of classes 1 to 5 planted saplings to contribute their share of saving the environment.
  • 17, July – Science Fortnight
    Science Fortnight was celebrated at Sanskar World School in which students participated wholeheartedly. Students of classes 6 to 12 worked on the Theme Save Water. Working Models showcasing how we can save water from Rainwater harvesting to how the AC and RO water can be reused were demonstrated. Students of Class 8. 9 and 10 portrayed the theme in the form of Nukkad Natak. Working Models of how water can be saved in an effective manner in the form of effective model of a Washing machine, By growing water saving Plants, were demonstrated. The presentation was showcased in front of the parents also during the PTM held.
  • 16, July – Rainbow Activity
    Learning about rainbow is a fun way to build colour recognition skills especially if they are playfull. These Rainbow activity have been done by the students of class first and second and they have thoroughly enjoyed.
  • 12, July – Red Day Celebration
    Colours are indeed the smiles of nature..Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. To mark this day very special, students and the teachers were dressed in red colour..Students of class Nursery actively participated in ‘Fevicol Painting’ activity and students of class Prep participated in ‘Tearing and Pasting activity’.Everyone enjoyed ‘Fruit party’ and also sang Red Day rhyme “Red red apples “.. The ‘Red Day’ celebration at Sanskar World School was a wonderful learning activity for the students..
  • 4, July – Addition with basket - Activity
    Today we introduced addition with basket activity. In this activity kids learnt about addition through adding and counting balls
  • 17, May – Show n Tell – Activity
    Show and tell activity is an activity where the child will show any prop related to the given topic and will speak about it. Our little champs performed very well in this activity on 17 May 2019.. This activity helps to boost up their confidence level, gain experience for performing in public, increasing vocabulary and knowledge.

  • 15,May – Pool Party Event
    Summer is not just about sweltering heat, especially if it’s about a school student. With summer vacation round the corner, it was time for our little ones to have a pool of fun filled activities that included dance, movie time with party snacks, pool activities etc..
    The kids of Pre-primary wing enjoyed their day with great zeal before commencement of summer break..
  • 14, May – Mind Spark Activity
    Mind spark is an adaptive learning programme that offers a truely personalized Math learning to every student as per individual requirement .It adapts itself to every students learning level .It’s an effective tool for practicing Maths as it encourage students to think and respond at every step by providing sparkies to them Children enjoy these activities a lot.
  • 13, May – Mothers Day Celebration
    Mothers have always played a special role in each of our lives. Their unconditional love , support and the feelings of a security blanket around us is unmatched , and keeping this in mind, Sanskar World School organized this warm and affectionate morning especially for them.
    The function started with a special assembly by class 11th students the students of class 6-8 displayed their love through a song and class 5 and 6th girls presented a very emotional dance for them.
    The students of Sanskarians showed their appreciations for their mothers. The young and enthusiastic students made creative gifts for their mother with the help of Plaster of Paris and decorated them with glitters.
  • 8, May – Microsoft students summit 2019
    Microsoft Students Summit 2019 at Microsoft Office Gurgaon where our students were exposed to new tools, technology. Students worked individually and collaboratively on PowerPoint, Sway. They had an insight on Minecraft Teams work. Students related beautiful Sways. They made videos on Flipgrid which further enhanced there knowledge. A view on Minecraft in Education was given. Last but not the least that had a chance to explore the Microsoft Office. The students were applauded with Certificates. A session full of learning worth attending.
  • 5, May – International Workers Day
    The International workers day was celebrated at the Sanskar World School with full zeal .
    The function started with a special assembly by class 6th students. The students highlighted the historical events that contributed to the emergence of labour rights and significant of the day in the present time.
    After presentation by the students, The Director mam and the Principal mam congratulated the workers and thanked them for their selfless services. In her address, the Director mam acknowledge the contributions of the work force of the school and their ceaseless efforts for the welfare of the school.
    Our Tiny Tots felicitated workers of the school for their commendable service.
    The function culminated with group photographs.
  • 29, April – World Heritage Day
    World heritage is defined as the shared wealth of humankind. It is a wonderful reminder of our rich past. It is our duty to protect our heritage and gift it to the coming generation. With the aim of preserving and protecting the culture of the world and its tremendous heritage.
    The students of Sanskar World School participated in decorating the display boards with vibrant pictures and relevant write-ups.
    All the houses Jal, Agni, Akash, Prithvi participated in this competition. Students prepared different themes to protect our heritage and emphasized that heritage is a treasure trove of the past and it is the responsibility of the present generation to protect preserve and promote its continuity for the future generations.
  • 25, April – Visit to Doll Museum
    Visit To Doll Museum | Sanskar World School
    Our school organized a trip to the `Dolls Museum, New Delhi on Friday 20th April 2019. It was a fun filled trip and the students enjoyed a lot.
    Shankar`s International Dolls museum is like a dreamland for the children. It is the largest dolls museum in the country which has 6500 exhibits from 85 nations.
    Watching such a huge collection of beautiful dolls all together was a delighting experience rejoiced by the children. It not only brought joy to their faces but also educated them about a lot many things around the world. It was an experience which is truly one of its kinds.
  • 22, April – Earth day
    Earth day April 22, 2019, a day to celebrate the environment .We celebrate this day to promote the ideas of ecology, encourage respect for life on earth, and highlight growing concern over pollution of the soil ,air and water.
    On this special occasion of Earth day, our students contributed to the environment by planting trees in the school premises with much enthusiasm.
    The aim was to sensitize the students towards their role in addressing global environmental challenges at grass root level.
  • 24, March – Graduation Day
    On 24th March '2019 ( Sunday) Graduation Ceremony was conducted for young graduates of class Prep with great pomp and show .Chief guest Mr Vivek Upadhyay & Mrs Priyam Upadhyay presided the event .Mrs Priyam Upadhyay Congratulated all the Parents for successful completion of the very first milestone in student's life and appreciated the efforts put in by teachers ,parents and students. Event saw lamp lighting making the opening of the event followed by a plethora of cultural presentation by students of Nursery Class and Secondary Classes that were appreciated by one and all. Prep Students attired in their graduation coat and caps were a feast to the eyes. Event culminated with parent's cheer and refreshments
  • 3rd March – World wild Life Day 2019
    On the occassion of the World Wild Life Day 2019,on 3rd march 2019 students of sanskar world school went to National Zoological Park of Delhi for an awareness programme. Event was organised by ,Ministry of Environment, Forest and climate change in collaboration with UNDP-India, CMS Vatavaran and wild life crime control bureau. Student participated in awareness programme on Sustainable Development with the focus on Life Below Water highlighting critical issues and values of marine wildlife and celebrate successful initiatives directed towards conservation.
    Event saw presence of eminent personalities from UNDP India,MoE & CC and CMS Vatavaran.
    Students participated in Slogan writing, Drawing and Quiz competition on Marine life,where Naorem Wolfenson Singh bagged 1st prize and Priyal Tiwari bagged 2nd prize in Drwaing competition. Sukirti secured first place while Vanshika bagged 2nd place and Anubhav secured 3rd place in Slogan writing.
    Milanpreet was awarded special mention prize for poster making.Tanishka was awarded prize for participation and correct answer for quiz round.
    Students enjoyed the event and were given special treat in the form of viewing of zoological park specially arranged for sanskarians by officials of CMS Vatavaran
  • 26, February – Team of scientists from National Test House visit Sanskar World School.
    Team of scientists from National Test house visited Sanskar World School on Tuesday, 26th February, under Swacch Bharat Mission, for an awareness campaign about importance of clean water, the role of minerals present in water for proper functioning of body and ways to test cleanliness of water. Students from class 9 and 11 took part in the workshop. The event saw in attendance the school Directors, Mr. Vivek Upadhyay and Mrs Priyam Upadhyay.
    Water facility at the school was tested in front of the gathering and was certified OK by the team.
    Mr Vivek Upadhyay thanked the team of scientists for their arrival and taking initiative to guide students in this regard
  • 25 February – Sports Week
    Saskarians had a fulfilled week during annual sports week event. The event took off with a ceremonial torch run followed by cultural items to announce the event open. Through out the week student of different groups took part in different individual and group sports activities like Cricket, Leg- Cricket, Tug of War, Kabbadi, Kho Kho, Athletic events, fulfilled races to develop in them a positive competitive and team spirit.
    Event culminated with prize distribution ceremony. Where Mrs. Priyam Upadhyay gave away awards to winners and congratulate students & staff members for successful organisation of the event.
  • 10, February – "Basant Panchami & Shubhakanksha" (Farewell Ceremony)
    Sunday 10th Feb was an auspicious and emotional day for Sanskarians, as they celebrated Basant Panchami with a Saraswati pooja and a hawan followed by the most painful but necessary task of saying Goodbye to its first batch of students of class XII through a "Subhakanksha" ceremony.
    Chief Guest and school Chair-person Mrs. Saroj Upadhyay along with school Manager Mr. Vivek Upadhyay and teachers took part in Saraswati pooja and hawan to seek blessings of Devi Saraswati.Teachers and management blessed the outgoing batch, praying for their well being, success and good health. Students enjoyed the day with dances, sharing memories of their days in school and sumptuous meal.
  • 11, February – Basant Panchami Celebration 2019
    Little Sanskarians of Class Play group to V celebrated the auspicious festival of BASANT PANCHAMI to seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati. All the students and teachers were dressed in yellow. The program commenced with a hearty floral tribute to Goddess Saraswati by the chief guest Mrs. Priyam Upadhyaya. The cultural items included Saraswati Vandana, a speech on Basant Panchami . The program was applauded by one and all. The function concluded with Principal Ma'am, Mrs Snehlata Krishnan's address. she enlightened the students about the importance of Basant Panchami and appreciated their performance."
  • 11th Oct 2017 - Students of class I,II and III took part in Handprint competition where students participated enthusiastically and on the basis of neatness, space between words, formation of letters, speed and accuracy while writing they were awarded certificates of appreciation.
  • 10th Oct 2017 - Tiny tots of class Nursery & Prep along with some representatives of class 1 & 2 took part in save girl child rally organized & conducted in school campus. Also Students took out a candle march to show their support to the movement and visited each of the classes to spread awareness & importance of saving girl child and advocated education for them.
  • 10th Oct 2017 - Virtual Tour to South - Students of class III were given a taste of food and life style of southern states of India by an activity of Virtual Tour-The classroom was arranged in a form of dining area & students have brought South Indian special food. They were watching the videos related to the culture of Kerala & Tamil Nadu were enjoying the aromatic food (Idli, Dosa, sambhar, Vada, Rice, coconut chutney) by sharing with each other.
  • 9th Oct 2017 - Traffic rules awareness programme conducted by the Regional Transport Authority. Students of classes VI-XII were given a presentation by trainers from transport department on the safety rules one must abide by while driving and ensure that children understand the need of correcting attitude and behaviour of those around them to ensure safety at all times.
  • 2nd Oct 2017 - Gandhi Jayanti Celebration- Sanskar World School students were invited by Ministry of Environment and UNDP for participation in Global Wildlife Conference and Gandhi Jayanti celebration at Zoological Park. Sanskarians displayed great Zest to participate in all activities and were praised by I.G forest for their enthusiasm and discipline. True to their name Sanskarians displayed strength of their values and character and raised school flag to its new height.
  • 4th Oct 2017 - Students were given special karate session to instill value of self control and sensitize them to the need to learn self defence exercises. Through Karate classes, our aim is to bring the benefits of the karate training to as many children as possible, helping them to build their self-confidence and emotional skills so they have the chance to reach their full potential in everything they do.
  • 2nd Oct 2017 - Students of Nursery - Prep celebrated the spirit of Dusshera and Gandhi-Jayanti by organizing a Fancy-dress event. Student came dressed up as character of Ramayana and that of freedom fighters and filled in colors to the entire event by displaying a Dusshera -mela along side. Freedom Fighters made Gandhi ji relevant to present time with a pledge to follow his path.
  • 30th Sep 2017 - Dusshera celebration – Students of class I-XII witnessed burning of Ravana Effigy as a symbol of victory of good over evil. Students were motivated to write one bad habit they would like to do away with on slips and made them burn those as a mark of pledge to remove the bad habit.
  • 14th Sep 2017 - Hindi Diwas Celebration- Students of classes Nursery to XII participated in Hindi Diwas activities as mark of respect to India’s National language.
  • 8th Sep 2017 - Students of Nursery and Prep celebrated Grandparents Day.
  • 5th Sep 2017 - Students remembered the great visionary and Teacher Dr. Radhakrishnan and celebrated his birthday as Teacher’s Day.
  • 17th Aug 2017 - Students celebrated Krishna Janamashtami with famous Matki Breaking ceremony.
  • 15th August - Independence day was celebrated with great National Pride.
  • 15th Aug 2017 - First Student council came into being with Aman Tyagi elected and appointed as Head Boy and Khushi as Head Girl of the school.
  • 11th Aug 2017 - Rakhi Workshop was organized for students of middle wing.
  • 8th Aug 2017 - First ever election for selection of student council members was taken up in school.
  • 5th Aug 2017 - Scholastic book fair was organized at school to facilitate students to procure good reading material.
  • 29th July 2017- Students took part in Global Tiger Day events organized by Ministry of Environment and WWF in association with CMS at Vigyan Bhawan.
  • 19th May 2017 - Mother’s day celebration done where ramp walk and cooking without fire activities were appreciated by most participants and audience.
  • 10th May 2017 - School in association with Leo Planetaria (IIT Delhi) organised a planetarium show in order to provide a unique learning experience to its young learners. Videos presented at the event were related to stories with moral values, stars and galaxies.
  • 3rd May 2017 - HORLICKS organised a healthy diet campaign on 28th-April, 2017 in school campus, where students were informed of benefits of having a healthy diet and were given horlicks sample that children relished.
  • 27th April 2017 - My Pedia, Pearson group in association with school organized an orientation programme for parents to understand the usage method of course books, ideology behind the methods suggested and extending school activities to home front through its Home app.
  • 27th April 2017 - Vippassana-Aana Paana Satti meditation workshop for students and parents was organized at school.
  • 18th-19th Feb 2017 - Festival of multiple intelligence - An amalgamation of Fun & Learning, was organized by Primary Plus and School.
  • 9th Feb 2017 - Brigadier Kulwant Singh from R2H took a workshop for students from class I to X on importance of Creative Arts & it’s application in real life.
  • 9th Feb 2017 - Basant Panchami was celebrated with a Hawan & Chanting of Gayatri Mantra making the entire day a sacred & memorable one.
  • 1st Feb 2017 - School was upgraded to senior secondary level after grant of affiliation for the same by CBSE.
  • 20th Dec 2016 - A READING COMPETITION FROM CLASS V TO X was organized by Kindle. Students showcased great enthusiasm & interest.
  • APRATIM - The Fun Cart, event organized in different residential complexes of Rajnagar extension in the month of November and December.
  • 19th Aug 2016 - students took part in Save Elephant Mission organized by Ministry of Environment and WWF along with CMS Vatavaran.
  • 6th Aug 2016 - Health week was organized for tiny tots of Nursery and Prep.
  • 21st July 2016 - Sanskarians visited religious places as an educational trip.
  • 20th July 2016 - Meditation, an art of unfolding mystery- meditation orientation camp was organized for students and teachers.
  • 20th July - Plantation drive was taken up by Sanskarians in the campus.
  • 20th July - Sajhedari programme was organized. It’s a common platform where schools shares its policies, achievements and plans for future with parents and seeks parent opinion.
  • July 2016 - faculty was exposed to wonders of inclusion of IT in education through a GOOGLE workshop.
  • 2nd May 2016 - International Labour Day Celebration with members of supporting staff included in celebration.
  • 3rd May 2016 - Debate Competition for students. where speakers expressed their views on the topic- Role of youngsters in preventing deforestation. The competition was organized to mark the international energy day and amongst two groups, Aryan of Class VII was judged as the best speaker in Junior category while, Abhishek of class X was announced best speaker in senior group.
  • 6th May 2016 - Mothers Day Celebration with Ms. Priyam Upadhyay as chief guest was organized to celebrate joys of motherhood.
  • 19th May - 31st May - Summer camp for students- Fun learning time was spent in school.
  • 28th April, 2016 - Students of classes 1-10 took part in a dance competition that took place on 28th April, 2016 amongst three age groups. Class II was judged as the best dance group in Group 1(Class I- II), Class III bagged first place in Group II (Class- III, IV, V), while Class VI was adjudged best in Group III ( Class- VI, VII, VIII, IX and X).
  • 22nd April 2016 - Students of classes Nursery to class X took part in various activities carried on to mark Earth Day celebration organized on 22nd April, 2016 and took part enthusiastically.
  • Students donated Tulsi plants as they are not only considered sacred but also possess medicinal qualities and planted them in school lawn during a plantation drive. Also they made posters to spread awareness about the need to save Earth and its resource.
  • To mark the World heritage day, students of different houses took part in an inter-house wall magazine competition on the topic- KNOWING MY COUNTRY. Akash house in senior group and Agni in juniors bagged first place.
  • 23rd of January 2016 - School has organized its first annual orientation programme- ‘ SAJHEDARI’ an open forum on Saturday, where parents and teachers sat together to discuss issues related to academics, sports, transport and other administrative issues etc and had a healthy feedback session from all quarters.
  • Discussion on future plans as decided by school management was discussed and critical comments and honest opinion of parents was sought before finalizing them. Needs and aspirations from parents side was taken into consideration while finalizing future plans. All areas of concern as felt by parents and administration were discussed and solutions to same arrived at in an amicable environment.
  • 12th February, 2016 - School celebrated BASANT PANCHAMI festival by organizing a HAWAN in school premises. Such celebrations are meant to keep children aware of the richness of Indian culture and keep them rooted to it. All students participated in the event with great enthusiasm and displayed high level of spiritual inclination and calm demeanor throughout the day.
  • 13th February, 2016 - School organized its second annual sports day,YOUTHZEST. Traditional torch lighting marked the inauguration ceremony followed by welcome dances by students of primary classes, yoga presentation, a contemporary dance performance by students of secondary wing, dissemination of academic awards and sports event for the day were conducted.

    Along with students even parents got the opportunity to display their athletic side and were invited for a 100 m sprint race for fathers and musical chair for lovely mothers. Entire day was spent with giggles, encouraging applauses, and motivating cheering up calls by students and parents alike. A very productive and satisfying day thus was observed.

    On the same day another event called, EDUBITION, was organized in school premises to showcase the academic excellence of our learners through a variety of models on various topics in different subjects. Content knowledge and the confidence of students made every one witnessing the presentation speechless and proud of the young presenters. Student’s efforts in this regard were commendable and were applauded.



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