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At Sanskar World School we believe that keeping in sync with needs of changing times is imperative and thus provision of inclusion of latest trends in education system with respect to academics. Sports, Art and craft and social skills have found a place in our school system. Staying connected to the larger world outside provides much needed edge to our learners. Helping them come out as winners in any situation. At our school, we not only provide our students with well-equipped spacious smart class rooms and trained teachers but give them all the possible facilities that help them to develop their inherent, hidden talents. We offer them a choice of a variety of games and other athletic events to develop competitive streak in young learners. Our Personality development programmes, language classes and socially useful productive work assignments, churn out global heroes, out of our learners. Counselling and Medical facilities at the campus help them stay physically and emotionally healthy, safe and rooted to their values and provide them a friendly environment with ample growth prospects.

‘The essence of education is to help you discover your uniqueness,
Teach you how to develop it, and show you how to give it away’.

School has vast green spaces in the premises that are rare to find in most schools in Delhi- NCR region. Along with these green spaces, school has two large playgrounds to facilitate enough opportunity of getting physical exercise to our young learners. Ample space allows numerous sports activities that include football, handball, cricket, basketball, skating, badminton, kho-kho, kabbadi, volleyball, and indoor games like chess, carom board, gymnastics and yoga. All these, make the school play facilities a joyful bouquet of choices for all young sports lovers.

Self-defence training is the need of present time. Keeping in mind all the concerns parents may have in this regard, school provides coaching for self-defense as optional facility of taekwondo classes to all students from class 1-10. Experienced coaching ensures imparting age appropriate, quality training to students.

‘Shoot for the stars.
Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’

School provides opportunities to develop a healthy competitive streak amongst its young learners by organizing and ensuring participation in a variety of interschool competitions. Our various inter school activities and representation at both the State and National levels, in various competitions has been a part of the learning process. Student’s participation in National Science congress projects, IIT festivals, and Government initiated conservation programmes are the highlights in this field. A concept of Connecting classrooms provide students a platform to interact with students from different parts of the world that instill in them sensitivity and respect for different world culture.

Well-equipped library is haven for all those who love to read and motivates others to pick up one and start on to the journey of taking pleasure in reading. Library is not just a place to get the books as desired and required by learners, but interaction with librarian and small quizzes taken up during library periods help students, work upon their vocabulary also. Habit of reading newspapers and staying connected to the world is developed here. Students from class Nursery to Eighth, are provided with Primary Plus magazines, that help them remain engaged in reading and provide them much needed information about the world in the most interesting and creative manner.

Well -equipped activity center within each of the colourful, spacious, pre-primary classes provide fun-filled learning experience to the tiny tots and expose them to varied experiences that ensures faster and precise learning amongst learners. Sand pits to link sensory experiences to develop kinaesthetic control in kids are another highlight of the school system. Separate play area, swings and play station allows them to enjoy their time spent in school.

Our other facilities include well equipped science labs, computer lab and sports rooms with all the sports equipments required for different sports activities. We also have an art and craft center, as an integral part of our curriculum and in sync with our faith and belief in richness of Indian culture and its teaching. We offer art and craft training to all our students in various forms, such as paper cutting, origami etc.
Our music centers have been instrumental in providing challenging opportunities for the students to be the best singer for their school, state level competitions and even for children singing competition at reality TV shows. Trained staff in the field of music, art and craft, yoga, taekwondo and dance ensures needs of different learners are met with and opportunities are provided to all willing to use them.

Well maintained transport services make commuting not only easy but presence of helpers and teachers provide students with additional benefit of developing a healthy rapport with students of different age group under adult supervision thereby, ensuring further safety of all students. Age appropriate communication during transit and interaction with teacher add on to the value of transport facility as an extension of school even outside school premises.

Building design, that conform to the school safety standards and regular fire and water safety checks by government agencies, ensure safe environment to the students. CCTV cameras at every strategic location and regular monitoring and servicing of the same, further strengthens the safety systems in school. Strict prohibitory and regulatory rules with respect to visitor’s access to school premises is ensured at different times during the day, A check and review of safety measures is taken up periodically by the highest authorities of the school managing committees .

At Sanskar highest priority is given to student’s physical, emotional and mental health and safety and overall heightened happiness quotient of all its learners





  • The experience continuesConnect with us…