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At Sanskar World School we emphasize on a child's all-round development. We equally value both academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

‘The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.’

With an experiential learning methodology, we incite a learner with curiosity and courage, to tread an untraded path. With an array of activities that include hands on, Show and Tell, observation, experiment, research work on one hand and creative activities like drawing, colouring, cutting, tearing, pasting, dancing, singing, theatre and storytelling etc. on the other, we provide opportunities for our students to develop variety of skills, so that they could achieve perfection in their respective spheres.

With CCE being done away by CBSE and greater emphasis given to concept based concrete learning, school has joined hands with the Pearson Group to provide learners with the best quality of academic content, that links modern technology with traditional method of imparting knowledge in classes from Nursery to Vth. World class quality content in the text books is designed to link different subjects to reduce compartmentalization of subjects and emphasis’ on problem solving and application, based on creative skills of the learners, provide greater opportunity to understand and utilize student’s learning capabilities.

Home apps, where content in the text book, is made live and help learners, revise the content at his/her leisure and associated periodic assignments, help parents exercise greater control on student’s learning process. Home app, serves as the connecting link, between classroom and home and at times, is extension of the class. An assessment from outside agency gives additional benefit of unbiased assessment of student’s learning and reduces chances of carrying on with misconceptions, regarding subject content/fact, throughout the life by timely intervention.

Along with pen and paper tests, emphasis is given on other ways of assessments like speaking and listening, reading, vocabulary and projects and participation in social and academic events, to ensure identification of right attributes in learners and bringing in their holistic development.

Mathematics is made easy for students from class II onwards by providing them a digital platform that caters to individual need and help children progress at their own pace and style. This beautiful digital programme called as Mindspark by Educational Initiatiatives India, provides learners the flexibility to learn through a variety of questions starting from very basic kind to approaching towards the complex one and in the process identify the misconceptions helping in prompt remediation of the same. It is a great teaching learning tool.

Learners from class VI onwards are exposed to latest teaching methodologies, as approved and recommended by CBSE, and enjoy technology driven, authentic and effective, concept delivery in the class. Association with Teach Next and Extra Marks and Orell Digital Language lab Software Company, ensures inclusion of audio and video, along with provision of relevant activities and exercises to cater to the needs of different kinds of learners in the class. Lab activities provide learners, ‘Hands on’ experience, and regular visits to educationally important and relevant places, give them greater control and accountability on their learning and developmental process.

Lessons on life skills help broaden their minds, to the realities of the world, sensitize them towards social issues and make correct choices in life. A morally sound learner would then be able to face the world, with head held high and feet firmly grounded, even after achieving success Students from class X onwards, are made to interact with people from different professional arenas, to provide them with first-hand information about the available career prospects and time to time counselling, by different agencies help them make informed choices in this regard.

Our extra-curricular activities are meant to develop a sense of self pride, courage, values and evoke respect for the nation. It also involves, bringing out the latent talents of our children so that they achieve perfection. We inculcate a positive competitive streak and winning attitude amongst them that makes them adventurous, self-reliant and responsible learners.

Knowledge at Sanskar World School is understood not as ability to remember but being able to apply the knowhow in real life situations. Knowledge is imparted through a variety of mediums and technology plays a major role in it. We ensure that children are made abreast with latest of information and develop the ability to exercise discretion while using it. Activity based, child centric learning is the USP of Sanskar World School. The objective of the entire curriculum is to allow learners to experience learning in a fun filled way that evokes greater interest in the learning of concepts thus ensuring greater comprehension and enduring understanding, along with development of relevant skills that will pave way for greater success in later life.



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