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Chairman Desk


Dear Parents,


directors It is my privilege, to serve as the Director of Sanskar World School. I believe that the greatest service, one can offer to mankind, is by imparting value based education to its young learners. In today’s competitive times, it is imperative that each learner gets the best of both worlds. An education system, that stems from the deep cultural, spiritual and moral greatness of Indian education system and branches out into the horizon of technical advancements and inclusion of modern methods into its teaching methodology.

In the words of Great Dalai Lama, ‘When educating the minds of youth, one must not forget to educate their hearts.’

Our school started in the year 2013 with a commitment to bring in excellence in education. Education goes beyond the texts in the pages and extends into the positive attitudinal changes in its learners. The story of the school is the story of a pilgrimage that we at Sanskar have undertaken together. It is the story where each Sanskarian belong to, each of us have found a place. Our sweat, dedication and sacrifice and strong sense of belongingness and responsibility have produced the magic. The magic that is Sanskar World School.

School has witnessed unprecedented positive growth and development in the course of five years and has evolved on several fronts – Academics, Co-curricular activities, Social programmes and Contribution to environmental issues through its association with CMS Vatavaran, Programmes by Ministry of environment and WWF also GOONJ and Karo Sambhav Platforms. Introduction of IT apps like GAFE and Apps by Microsoft along with Global Connect programme presents new opportunities and avenues to all its learners. We strive to climb higher through our consistent endeavor to evolve with times.

We at Sanskar commit ourselves to Nation and continue to serve it through our efforts in imparting quality education in a safe and caring setting. Committed staff, modern facilities, pollution free environment and ensuring equal opportunity to all the different kinds of learners is what we strive for. To keep up with the needs of learners of age group two plus to seventeen years, along with our existing formal school, we have formally inaugurated our new air conditioned Play Group ALPHABETZ.

We at Sanskar, pledge to provide our learners, a value based education, synergized with modern day technology. To provide the global exposure to the students, to create well informed, emotionally sound achievers



  • The experience continuesConnect with us…